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We've all heard the downsides of technology - how too many gizmos and gadgets can be distracting and detrimental to today's students - but what about the upside of that world? Is it not possible for students to employ their smartphones, tablets, and laptops for the educational good? In fact, it is! Today's students have more educational tools at their fingertips than ever before. That's why we've drawn up a guide to some of the best ones out there for every kind of modern student. Read more
In recent years, the Internet has emerged as powerful tool for education and learning. There is an endless number of different applications, resources, and websites dedicated to using modern technology as a means of transforming the traditional concept of learning into something more efficient, engaging, and accessible. But, with so many options out there, it can be hard to distinguish what's useful and what's not, which is why we have put together this list of 50 educational and learning tools for students. Keep on reading for more details. Read more
10 main mistakes in essay writing
There are a number of MBA applicants who prove to have the necessary academic credentials and the confidence to land them in a school of their choice. However, writing proves to be a very crucial factor in the admission process. Applicants who do not perform well on the writing front may well be rejected despite having excellent credentials otherwise. With the competition for admissions rising rapidly, performing well on essay writing is necessary for acceptance into a top school. A number of resources, both online and offline can help candidates brush up on their essay writing skills and can provide all important tips and guidance on how to write engaging and effective essays. While these tips and tricks can prove to be quite helpful and useful, a candidate must also ensure that the essay is completely error free. Read more
GED Test
At first, it may seem intimidating—writing an essay in just 45 minutes that will earn a high score is not a simple task. However, you can easily improve your GED writing score simply by understanding the grading criteria. To help with this, we have broken down the five categories that readers will consider into clear explanations, including advice for being successful with those goals. Before you panic, remember that your essay will be graded holistically. This means that the two readers will give you a score based on the overall impression made by your writing. Nobody will be counting each and every minor mistake. Instead, the readers will use the scoring guidelines to determine if you can clearly express yourself in writing. They will be looking for evidence that you can make a clear point, supported with specific examples, and that you can organize your ideas logically, correctly using general writing skills. Read more
personal essay
Personal Essays are inevitable—regardless of where you are at in life, you are likely to meet with the task of a personal essay. Fortunately, the expectations for a personal narrative are roughly the same, regardless of the context of your assignment. In case it's been awhile (or this is your first time), here is some great advice to help you successfully write a personal essay. Before you begin, it is important to recognize why you are being asked to complete this task. Personal writing allows teachers and admission boards to quickly get a feel for who you are, while also gaining insight into your grasp of writing conventions. Regardless of the specific rubric readers will use to grade your essay, the scoring with revolve around three criteria. Read more
The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins - top bestseller of 2015
Learn more about the best bestsellers of 2015. The first place took "THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN" by Paula Hawkins. Readers will get swept away into the imagination of train-commuter Rachel Watson as she dreams up idealistic occupations, personalities, and romance for a seemingly happy young couple she observes from her window on the way to and from work. The couple, who she nicknames Jess and Jason, live just a few houses down from the home she once shared with ex-husband Tom and they represent everything that she and Tom were not. Until, of course, that illusion is shattered by Jess-real name Megan-‘s sudden disappearance. As the investigation unfolds, Rachel finds herself more and more involved. The narration gives way to new voices (Megan and Tom's new wife, Anna) and it becomes apparent that all of the female leads are just as complex-and possibly going just as crazy - as Rachel. Read more
College Application Essay
With senior year comes a feeling of excitement at finally being “on top” and knowing you will soon be finished with a major stage of your life. However, this enjoyment is often overshadowed by the daunting task of college admission applications. More specifically, hopeful applicants tend to stress over writing a good application essay. Whether you are given a specific (sometimes unusual) question to answer or simply prompted to submit a “personal statement” the expectations often feel unclear. However, you can easily write a quality essay simply by following a bit of good advice that takes into account the goals of a college essay. First and foremost, understand that the intention of the essay is to present yourself in an honest, interesting, and new way. It is not merely an opportunity to expound on the activities and achievements you listed in your résumé. Instead, this is a time to move beyond the clear-cut questions and their accompanying blank spaces. Read more
MBA Application
So you've decided to apply to business schools - congratulations! Unfortunately, you now probably feel overwhelmed and fretful about the numerous required essays. Fear not! We have compiled a fool-proof list of dos and don'ts to get your application essays noticed! As with anything, start at the beginning. The essay writing-process begins long before your fingers hit the keyboard. Most importantly, give yourself plenty of time!! Stand-out essays are not written in one day, one weekend, or even one week. Allot yourself amble time to write, rewrite, and seek someone else's opinion—ideally multiple times. Read more
Do you cringe at the thought of sitting down to write a paper? Are you too overwhelmed with negative preoccupations to start on time? Do you stare at a blank page - anxiety building with every moment—unable to take the first step to fill it? If this sounds familiar you may have a writing phobia. Writing phobia, clinically known as graphophobia, is a legitimate condition that affects many people. Fortunately, there are numerous techniques to help you overcome your phobia, regardless of the degree of your condition. You can determine the grade of your phobia by considering the root of your anxiety. What is it about writing that worries you? Are you afraid that you lack bright ideas, that you cannot write in a logical manner, or that you will produce a paper that is not “perfect”? If answers to specific questions like these are yes, than you most likely have a mild phobia. Read more
When it comes to preparing for the GMAT test, you will have two options in front of you. The first option is to use GMAT prep courses. The other option will be to rely on private tutoring to complete your preparation before the test. Both options have their benefits, but it is important to consider your circumstances and skill level to decide between the two. Some test-takers believe it is better if they would use GMAT prep courses and work on their own pace. It definitely makes sense because you plan things as per the available time. The problem is that not many test-takers will understand how to plan things well ahead of time. Many will fail to identify the best prep courses, which is another big reason some students start to think they'd be better off working with a private tutor. Read more